Nov 1
Nov 1

Acquaintance Meeting Fall 2015 Held

Our society’s acquaintance meeting for Fall 2015 has been held at the desired location with a high number of participants. We thank to all participants, and we are also happy to see new people in our society!

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Nov 1
Nov 1

Acquaintance Meeting Fall 2015

Our acquaintance meeting is going to be held at METU Computer Science – block B, at 6pm on 25 June 2015. We expect anyone who are interested in Modelling and Simulation to join our meeting! Simulation awaits us!

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Our Society

We are the METU student branch of "The Society of Computer Simulation" - SCS International. All students from all universities are welcome to our society!

SCS Student Branch

We are the first student branch of SCS International in Middle East and Balkans. We are the only university society on Modelling & Simulation in Turkey.

Our Goal

We want to be a pioneering university society which gives opportunities to anyone who wants to train himself on modelling and simulation in an active and social enviroment.

Our Activities

We share information by giving educational courses, gathering students and the business sector together by holding seminars, by generating excitement via contests. We help people make new friends with our activities.